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For every purpose the appropriate gallery: whether what the eBay product descriptions, Facebook or otherwise.

Shop Widget

Show selected categories and products

Display Widget

Show products of selected category

Multi-slider Widget

Show selected products in a modern Slider

Carousell Widget

Showing a series of products from a category

Slider Widget

Show selected products in a modern Slider

Facebook Shop

Showing a series of selected products or categories

Create your Widget

Creating a widget is easy and fun! Just in seconds SellerWidget will import all your eBay products (or your Amazon products!). It then shows all your products in a gallery widget, which you can publish anywhere on the web. Now it becomes much easier for prospects to browse through your products and collections. If a person sees something they would like to buy they will be forwarded to your eBay or Amazon product page. It can't be easier than that! Increase your traffic, and of course your sales!

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Create custom widgets

You can customize the widgets however you would like. Make as many widgets as you wish. Decide for yourself which products or categories you wish to display in your widget. After that just import them for everyone to see!

Smart Cross Selling

Use cross selling to your own advantage! Build a widget with related products and display them on your eBay item description page to boost your sales. For instance if you sell a t-shirt then list below some matching pants to go with that. People will be more likely to buy products that are related to what you have to offer, use that!

Publish your widget on eBay, Facebook or anywhere on the web.

Make your eBay products reach new shoppers with powerful cross-selling galleries. Just in seconds open an impressive shop for your Facebook page, and share your items with millions users. Product details, images, and inventory automatically sync as soon as you make an update.

Add content to your portfolio
  • eBay cross-selling
  • Facebook Store

Publish everywhere

You can show your products widget anywhere you would like to. Do you have your own online shop? Show your eBay or Amazon items there! The widget displays all of your items in real time, all the items details are up-to-date. Everything is fully automated, which means less worries for you!

You Reap What You Sow - The Power of Cross-Selling

Do you have a growing traffic to your auctions? Would you like to? More visitors can turn into more sales for you! Increase your sales with cross-selling! Once you publish your widget on your eBay or Amazon page, you no longer have to worry about conversions. The content of the widget with your items updates itself in real time!

Mobile Friendly

SellerWidget is different than most cross-selling gallery services on the market. SellerWidget has been designed with mobile users in mind. Thus, not only do you reach PC users. But also those that are on tablets or smartphones can access your items as well.

No more flash

If you haven't heard flash galleries will no longer work in the upcoming time. More and more sites (including eBay) will no longer use flash to operate. This changes a lot of things, however SellerWidget runs with HTML5 technology. This makes it possible to create galleries without flash. How convenient is that?

That's it, you're done

It is easy to share your eBay or Amazon products with everyone to see. Whether you use SellerWidget as a powerful cross-selling gallery for your eBay page. Your Facebook page, or you might want to use it on your personal website. Whatever you choose, it is definitely going to maximize your offers reach. What are you waiting for?

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eBay Cross-Selling

Cross-Selling is an effective and widely used marketing tool. Hold your visitors longer on your page and prevent competitors from taking them away from you. Increase your transaction value.

Integration assistance

You have the ability to create a great variety of widgets, that can be installed on your eBay item page. SellerWidget does it automatically for you, it syncs your products and inventory displaying them as you wish. With just a few clicks you are all set to go!

No contract

In case you do not wish to use the services provided by SellerWidget, you can cancel from your dashboard. We don't have a minimum contract period. We are convinced that customers will remain loyal, based on the quality of the product we offer.

Facebook Wizard

Your Facebook shop created in no time. It is very simple to create the gallery widget and install it automatically. Within seconds, all of your products are available to million of Facebook users worldwide.

Facebook meets eBay

Our galleries include the Facebook sharing buttons. This means that your products can be liked and shared from within your auctions. SellerWidget makes it possible for your items to be seen and shared by anyone!

Universal Widgets

From now on you don't have to post a boring link "to-my-eBay-Shop" on your website. You can import all of your eBay or Amazon products on your page and showcase them to your visitors in a nice looking gallery widget.

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